Cosmic Cowboy Smoke Shop

100% American Made Glass & more

About Us

Brian and Chris Gilbert


Cosmic Cowboy was founded by two brothers, Brian and Chris Gilbert and their mother Cindy. Before Cosmic Cowboy these two brothers had accumulated over 10 years of experience working in and managing local Austin Smoke Shops. With this experience they learned many of the basics but also saw many ways to improve the current idea of what a Smoke Shop was and could be. Brian has a degree in Fine Art which gives them an advantage in the way their store looks but also in the artistic glass and products that they provide. Chris on the other hand has a degree Business Entrepreneurship which helps with the overall operation of the business while their mother Cindy is the glue that holds it all together. This combination of art, business and family is what makes Cosmic Cowboy stand out from the rest. Come check us out and see for yourself!

Specialists in Smoking Accessories, American Made Glass, THCa, CBD and much much more. Between the 2 employees and 2 owners on the floor, we have over 50 years experience in smoke shops in Austin, Tx.

Why Choose Us?

We focus on bringing you the best products at the best price with exceptional customer service. Our store front includes a beautiful, welcoming environment with excess parking.


We are open for business! Many more options and price points in store. Come in and see us!!


2207 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

Store Hours


11 a.m. - 8 p.m.